Bernina Bernette 334D 4-thread Overlocker

A rare(ish) example of a Bernette still showing Bernina quality. This is a vintage overlocker purchased by me earlier this year. It is a 4-thread overlocker, with the switch to roll hem being achieved simply by pushing a small lever. It has excellent stitch quality as would be expected from a sub-model of Bernina and because of the colour coding, is very easy to thread. The colours are marked on the tension dials and threading instructions are also clearly marked, in the various permutations (3 thread 6mm or 4mm; 4 thread) behind the looper cover it is hard to go wrong. The accessories are also housed behind the looper cover.

The faceplate, fly wheel and knobs are plastic; the main body is all cast metal, which gives excellent stability in use.

The 334D takes normal sewing needles, which is useful.

It has differential feed, adjustable foot pressure and cutting width is adjusted by a knob to the right and beneath the edge of the cloth plate.

Stitch length and differential feed are adjusted by knobs on the right hand side of the machine and subject to the usual tweaks and trial runs I have achieved extremely good results on both heavyweight and light, dress-weight cottons. All in all it is an extremely amiable machine; a pleasure to use.

Stitch length is between 0.8 and 4mm. Seam width is between 3 and 7mm on 3-thread and 5 and 7mm on 4 thread overlock. It sews at up to 1500 spm. Dimensions are 300W x 325D x 300H mm. It weighs 16lb (7.5kg).


Bernina Bernette 334D

Colour photo showing the colour coded thread paths and diagrams which make this such an easy machine to thread up.

Copyright HA Lewington 2010


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