Hemmer Feet

This is a set of hemmer feet which, along with a quilting guide, may be attached to a side-clamping, low shank machine using the cording foot which accompanies the attachments but which features a thumbscrew at the back of the foot which secures the hemmers in place.  The cording foot itself attaches to the side-clamp in the usual way.

The hemmers themselves work much as you would expect, and whilst they are a bit fiddly to get started, a bit of spare thread knotted to the fabric at the start of the proposed hem edge gives something to hold on to when initially coaxing the fabric around the curve of the attachment.  Once started, they are wonderful and give an excellent, neat finish.

The Hemmers and Quilting Guide lined up on the 201k machine bed.

One of the hemmers in place on the 201k, ready to sew.

The hemmer in use.

The finished hem.

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