Darned Jeans Pocket using Singer 201k

The first job for today was to finish what I first started last night; darning the splits in my husband’s jeans. Both the back pockets had pulled away the fabric onto which they were stitched and all four top corners needed to be reinforced and the missing threads darned over.

The particular challenges with this sort of mending relate to the different densities and thicknesses of the fabric layers. Sewing in close alongside the pocket edge is difficult as the foot is naturally deflected by the vertical edge of the pocket piece and when sewing back and forth across the top of the pocket corner the foot is required to rise up and over the ramp in both forwards and reverse. I could have minimised the deflection issue by using my new ‘Slim Jim’ foot but because of the need to ride up and over different thicknesses I chose the normal presser foot as it is hinged. I minimised the deflection by loosening off the presser foot pressure.

The job was performed on my usual machine, the electric, 1939 Singer 201k and a size 12 needle. The needle ought to have been a 14 or a 16 for this sort of fabric but as I presently have only 10s and 12s I simply went slowly over the thicker sections, occasionally just ‘handing’ it for a couple of stitches where it crossed the thread bars and had no trouble. The thread in both bobbin and upper was a cone of core-spun overlocker thread which I always use for these jobs as it is a good match for faded denim. Because of the need for cones to feed off vertically I run the thread from a large, industrial-type thread stand bought from Barnyarns.







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  1. sullivancj
    Jul 21, 2014 @ 14:14:38

    My DEAR Husband! has the same problem w his jeans. Rather than mend them, I bought him new jeans. He will wear the thread bear ones to work in the yard and under a car. YES I could fix it. but it is so hard to get him to buy a new pair of pants I’ll take the “no I can’t fix that” approach. If I fix that one pair I will be slaving away under his mount of thread bare clothing!


    • Offspring
      Jul 21, 2014 @ 16:33:52

      I find it really therapeutic and satisfying! I’m also famously and insufferably thrifty, being of Scottish/Yorkshire ancestry so take a weird kind of pride in being able to make them last just a little bit longer…even when the jeans end up 60% darned and stiff as a board! A few months ago I was faced with a greater challenge than even my 201k could manage…dear husband managed to rip his jeans along next to the fly and across the cross seam too (don’t ask) and the combined layers and density were too much for my 201k but thankfully I keep a Pfaff 30 for just such disasters and, having extra punch power, this made short work of the repair, hurrah! (Pretty sure the 201k would handle it better now I’ve replaced the drive belt. The old one was literally cracked and crumbling away but the wonderful Cindy Peters sent me a new one and she’s like a new machine. Had no idea perfection could be improved until now.) 🙂 xxxx


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